Accomodations for Camps/Lodging in a Street with Hot Springs and Sports Facilities

staying overnight without meals

ou can also bring your own food and drinks.

low price

Showa Onsen Ryokan Sumire, located in Owani Onsen, Aomori Prefecture, is an accomodation-only guest house with no meals provided. However, there are many good restaurants, caterers, and hot springs in the vicinity. There are also sports facilities and outdoor stadiums, so it is often used by sports groups as well as elementary, junior high, and high school clubs for training camps, expeditions, and club activities. With reasonable prices, it is a good choice for guests who want to stay overnight.

We are taking measures to prevent infection.

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We have a variety of plans to suit your needs,including overnight stays, day trips, room rentals, and rentals.


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