Rate Plan

Overnight Stay Plan (accommodation only)

Japanese-style room
(No toilet or bath)
6 to 10 tatami mats
Japanese-style room
(With toilet and bath)
6 to 10 tatami mats
Western-style room
(With toilet and bath)
6 mats + 18 mats
All prices include tax.

Currently, accommodation is only available for the Going Out Campaign.

10,000 yen → 5,000 yen

[Aomori Prefecture excursion coupon worth 2,000 yen is included.]
This plan includes a dinner at a popular restaurant in Owani Onsen - a meat restaurant, a fish restaurant, or an izakaya with a diverse menu. It includes meals worth 5,000 yen and breakfast rice balls. The "Going Out Coupon" can also be used for drinks sold in our hotel.

Cancellation Fee

On the day100%
previous day50%
2 days ago30%
3 days ago30%

About time

(Available from 6:00 a.m.)

About the parking lot

Free parking is limited to six cars, so please make a reservation.

Service for guests only

Rental car (mini car): 1,100 yen per day

Limited to one car per group

Day Trip Plan

Japanese-style room 6 to 10 tatami mats
1,650 per person
From second person 1,100eyn
Each additional hour 220eyn per person
Extensions are possible only when there are no reservations. All prices include tax.

Room Rental Plan

Japanese-style room

Japanese-style room 6 to 10 tatami mats
1 room 5,500yen(Up to 6 people)
※1,100yen per extra hour
1 room 11,000yen(Up to 16 people)
※2,200yen per extra hour
All prices include tax.

Public baths

Public baths 18 tatami mats
Up to 3 hours 33,000yen
※1,100yen per extra hour
All prices include tax.

Remote Private Room Plan

Usage fees
Up to 5 hours per person ¥1,100yen
※220yen per extra hour
All prices include tax.

Rental Fees

Rental Fees
Towel set 330yen
Futon set (1 set) 990yen
All prices include tax.
Free Rental Fees
Table, chairs, and cushions Tables, chairs, and cushions (Please set up by yourself.)
Mahjong table (Please prepare the tiles by yourself.)
Pot (Ice is provided free of charge)


The following is an introduction to the facilities within the hotel:

FAQ & Rules